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Forsaken And Fallen Clan Teams.


Hey check out our teams... Here we represent everything from International, our Girls League, and our own Pro Teams for MLG, UMG and Iron Gaming.

Forsaken Call of Duty(MLG)

This is our MLG Team in the united states we represent Forsaken & Fallen In Championship gaming from tourneys to real dedicated gaming this is our main team.


  • Tron X Scopes

  • FAF x Romulus x

  • Greatlegend147

  • Willzy

Forsaken International

Forsaken & Fallen are not only a American team but we are international. We Have grown beyond measures and invite members to join from all around the world.

  • Judemc2014

  • Ludders

Rainbow 6 Siege (USA)

This is our team for the highly competeive Rainbow 6 Siege. They will be competeing in the MLG ladders and ESL Tournments.

  • XxTotalChao5xX                 

  • SH4D0WKN1GHT 94

  • ICSO30


  • OG x Deficator

Forsaken Twitch Streamers

Thats right we stream as well, feel free to checkout our stream team on there channels and get even deeper in the love and support of Team FAF.


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