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Forsaken And Fallen

Whats up everybody we are a growing team aiming for the top!! We are huge in the gaming community competeing in MLG and Iron Gaming.  Most of our memebers are on a competitive skill level on Halo and Call of Duty. Please feel free to inquire about joining the FAF team and show us your abilitys. Please read the requirements that are stated below 


The team does have rules and regulations.  So, please take the time to read over them below . If you have any questions or comments please send us an email ! Thank you and please have a great day.

  • If you leave the team, you leave the team. There is no, "I will be right back." I am/Last Resort is big on loyalty. If you feel like these rules suck or you want to go start your own clan then go ahead, but please just understand that when you leave, you leave. 


  • Do not Interrupt the leaders when they're talking.  What the leaders are saying could be important for all members and We can't hear this information if you're louder than the rest.


  • Be polite at all times. Some people may be sensitive in response to you talking aggressively, so be mindful for your surroundings.


  • Arrive to meetings on time. The meetings are scheduled by the leaders. Make sure to let the leaders know if you can't make it,  we don't want to wait all day for someone who isn't even showing up, but make sure to make the next one.


  • Do not disrespect any team member(s) or alliance member(s). Its unprofessional and all alliances are put together by the leaders, so insulting an alliance member goes straight to the team leaders


  • Do not Lie to Leaders. We will know if you're lying to us. Don't lie about ranks, Don't lie about games you played as a clan, and Don't lie about recruits.


  • Let the team leaders/members do their jobs. DO not tell a leader or another team member who is busy with clan business to stop doing what their doing so that you can talk to them, if we are busy you need to wait your turn.


  • Be as active as you can. You don't need to be 100% active because we know you all have real lives to take care of and maintain.


  • When a team member needs you, please show up don't pass them off.  If your team needs your help and you're not doing anything do put yourself as offline because we will keep track. If you're busy with homework, life, or just don't want to play at all we expect you not to show up on any games. ( you will still have the chance to play with your friends)


  • Don't bring clan members down. Don't tell clan members they suck because remember, we recruit the best of the best and if they suck then you suck for not helping them get better. Do not bring yourself down either by saying that you're not good enough. Remember you're in the team for a reason.


  • No sexual Harassment!!  There are/will be females in this clan, Do not harass them.  This will result in an immediate probationary period or ban.


  • Be mindful that we have multiple nationalities, races, creeds, religions, political affiliations in this clan so let's keep that in mind when in chat. Any racist, homophobic, and/or misogynistic comments will not be tolerated and the member will be kicked on the spot. (I am not flexible on this point.)


  • No cheating. This includes boosting, modding, hacking, etc.


  • All members must check in at forum AT LEAST once every 2 weeks to see what is going on with the clan.

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